The Paycheck Warriors at Barkan Meizlish, LLP understand that when it comes to pursuing your employer for FLSA violations, cost can be a huge factor. Often, the stolen or withheld wages are significantly less than the cost of legal counsel. Luckily, Congress provided a solution.  The FLSA permits an employee’s attorney to get paid by their employer and not out of the employee’s recovered wages.   This statute helps victims of wage theft pursue their claims without immediate fear of additional income loss.

29 U.S.C.sec216(b) establishes “fee-shifting” practices for FLSA violation claims that are filed. In brief, if you and your attorney successfully file a claim that your employer violated the FLSA and a judgment is made in your favor, your employer can be held responsible for paying all the associated attorneys fees.  This is a fundamental part of effectively enforcing the FLSA. If you have more questions about how 29 U.S.C.sec216(b) can help you, contact The Paycheck Warriors at Barkan Meizlish, LLP today for more information.