The law firm of Barkan Meizlish, LLP is over sixty years old, with a national practice, focused on labor law, wage and hour/overtime litigation, Ohio workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability, and personal injury/medical malpractice. Our law firm and individual law firm members appear on lists of the best law firms and attorneys in the nation.

The firm’s national wage and hour/overtime practice is dedicated to the fundamental principal that working people should be properly paid for all of their labor. We represent employees in individual and class action litigation. Our attorneys have recovered wages for tens of thousands of employees who have been unlawfully denied their right to overtime pay. We have further committed ourselves to the effort to reform federal and state law so that employees received the wages they are owed and violators are held accountable.

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Barkan Meizlish, LLP offers a wide variety of legal services in addition to our work in wage and hour/overtime law.

Meet the Team

Between Bob DeRose and Jessica Doogan, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. With more than 35 years of experience between the duo, the Paycheck Warriors at Barkan Meizlish, LLP, are prepared to fight for their clients.

The Paycheck Warriors at Barkan Meizlish, LLP focus primarily on wage violations and employment law matters, including but not limited to:

1. Federal and state minimum wage and overtime violations;

2. Violations of the Family Medical Leave Act

3. Wrongful terminations and

4. Discrimination in the workplace.

In addition to his employment litigation work, Bob DeRose is the managing partner at Barkan Meizlish, LLP. His dedication to his community has landed him a multitude of honors, including the Ohio Association of Justice Award (2014) and a spot on the Best Lawyers in America list published by U.S. News and World Report (2010-2019). Jessica Doogan is an Associate attorney with Barkan Meizlish, LLP. Beginning her career in public sector union side labor law, Jessica has turned her focus to federal and state employment law matters. Jessica’s volunteer experience and community involvement is ongoing, including past work with the Law & Leadership Institute and most recently, training sessions taught at the Central Ohio Worker Center.

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